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Mass Shooting Essay - 1758 Words

MEDIATING MEDIA RESPONSES TO TRAGEDY: CONSIDERING HOW SOCIAL SCIENCE COULD INFLUENCE POLICY Mass shooting cases have been very common in the history of America. Among the recently witnessed deadly mass shooting include: harvest music festival whereby Stephen Paddock killed 59 and injured more than 520, and pulse night club where 49 were killed. Claims for the causes of mass shootings 64 years old Stephen paddock fired bullets on music fans from his hotel room where 22000 fans were enjoying country festival final show. In his 10 minute assault, he killed 59 and injured more than 520. There are various theories that have been formulated regarding paddock’s motive atrocity. Immediately after the instant, ISIS claimed to be responsible but†¦show more content†¦Among them include: restricting sales of guns to all individuals with criminal records, extending background checks to those who have purchased guns, and strengthening sentences to those who found possessing guns illegally (Wilson, 2017). Evidence suggestion Government should not only focus on mass shooting which occur very rarely but they should concentrate on coming up with solutions to reduce all types of violent crimes. It also claims that there is more exaggeration regarding correlation existing between violence and mental illness. UNDERSTANDING SUICIDE BOMBERS Did it surprise you that suicide bombers tend not to be psychologically unstable or that they are not mainly motivated by religion? How do the facts and findings reported in this article conflict with our usual cultural understanding of terrorists and suicide bombers? Suicide bombing refers to the act whereby an individual delivers explosives personally and then detonates them so as to cause greatest possible destructions, killing her or himself in the process (Asad, 2007). It is used by many militia groups, since it does not demand for experience or usage of a lot of resources but only requires a willing individual and explosives. Due to the fact that suicide bombers killShow MoreRelatedMass Shooting Essay980 Words   |  4 PagesThere have been over 1,500 ‘mass shootings’ within the United States since the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, CT (Schapiro, 2017). Media headlines on mass shootings tend to utilise higher numbers when it comes to how many are committed each year, mainly when it is about those committed in the United States. The lack of an official government standard on what should be considered a mass shooting has led to much confusion as to just how many there actually are. This paper will look at how theRead More Mass Shootings Essay1505 Words   |  7 PagesCan We Prevent Mass Shootings? There is an assumption that if you understand the minds of serial killers, or persons who commit mass shootings, that it may help prevent mass shootings. â€Å"Mass shootings are not on the rise, but have held steady over three decades, randomly clustering in time to trick our brains into finding a pattern of increase where none actually exists† (Shermer 3). Mass shootings happen at varying times without rhyme or reason. Some think that a psychological disorder or some geneticRead MorePersuasive Essay On Mass Shootings947 Words   |  4 Pagesgeneration to generation. Parents expect curriculum to be followed in the school systems and for any type of contagion to include nothing more than the common cold, not mass shootings. Homicides gain abundant media attention and therefore stem copycat shooters. The Media should not be allowed to report on stories of mass shootings, as the likelihood of a second or copycat killer immediately after greatly increases. Moreover, the media plays such a crucial role in delivering material to the publicRead MoreMass Shootings In America Essay1327 Words   |  6 PagesOn October 1, 2017 America was, yet again, devastated when Las Vegas suffered the United States worst mass shooting. One man killed over 50 people and injured 527. After he was finished firing from the 39th floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort, he committed suicide. His name was Stephan Paddock (Yan and Park). When most people think of a mass shooting, they think of a terroristic act or someone shooting at a large group of innocent citizens, like Columbine High School or Sandy Hook Elementary School. InRead MorePreventing Mass School Shootings Essay1424 Words   |  6 Pagesincludes those children who are inappropriately given accress to firearms. (Juhnke et. Al., 1999) When students are given a gun, it gives them a sense of power. Some choose to take advantage of that power, as we have seen in numerous high school shootings. Lastly, stu dents who abuse drugs are likely to be high risks for demonstrating violent behaviors. (Juhnke et. Al., 1999) Although substance abuse does not cause students to be violent, students under the influence of psychoactive substances oftenRead MoreMass School Shootings in America Essay896 Words   |  4 Pagesschool shootings occurring nationwide. It is not unusual to hear about these shootings on television or on the radio. This issue has greatly impacted the lives of young people. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;If you turn on you television and look at the destruction caused from a flood or an earthquake, you may think, quot;oh, another one.quot; Although it may shock you to see the pain and suffering of the victims, it is going to happen. Is that the way we have to look at school shootings? It seemsRead MoreMass School Shootings in America Essay1334 Words   |  6 Pages they became unlikely heroes on America’s latest battlefield. Although violence in schools is nothing new, multiple shootings are. According to the 1999 Annual Report on School Violence, the number of such shootings increased from one in 1994-95 to five in 1997-98. Tragically, the epidemic of violence continued, and in December 1999, one television newscast called a shooting in Oklahoma the ninth nationwide since 1997 (NBC Evening News). The most serious incident occurred on April 20, 1999, whenRead MoreEssay on Mass Shootings: The Rise of an Epidemic1933 Words   |  8 Pagesattended Columbine High School, remembers the tragedy of the horrific Columbine shooting that killed and injured many students. Mass shootings in the United States have been on the rise since the 1980’s, especially in the last decade. These shooters motives and profiles are almost all terrifyingly alike. Many of these shooters try to imitate and parallel the tragic shooting of the Columbine High School in 1999. These shootings have made peaceful organizations, suc h as an elementary school; become a placeRead More Mass School Shootings in the U.S. Essay2440 Words   |  10 Pagesfree access to weapons is the murders committed by juveniles. School shooting is the problem which origins are deeply rooted in the family background and the upbringing of children as well as in the free approach to carrying weapons. To understand the concept of gun culture one have to be born in the U.S. but living outside American society is significant to provide subjective criticism of the acts of violence such as school shootings. The horrible massacres at schools are definitely not a new phenomenon;Read MoreMass School Shootings in America Essay499 Words   |  2 Pagesabout a school shooting. The fact is though, it can. School shootings can happen at any school at any time. Lack of security is only a small part of the problem. The major issue lies in the low morality of students and warning signs overlooked by administration. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Not all, but a majority of the students are cold-blooded killers. And shooting fellow students is often not their first choice. In fact, most school shooters are victims themselves, and shooting fellow students

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